Through team-building activities, interactive workshops and meetings with regional and local experts, we examine complex problems together while developing quality leadership skills.


The overnight opening retreat is an experience intended to create strong bonds between the group, while explaining the expectations of the program. They be introduced to concept of servant-leadership. They will lembrace the Leadership Huntington mission and vision statements. The closing retreat is a one day session reviewing the year: the skills, the lessons learned and future goals of our newly trained community leaders.

The History of Huntington

How much can we learn, wandering this old town of Huntington?  By exploring Huntington’s past, we consider the many forms of leadership that have had lasting impact on our Town.

Business and Government

Local politicians and business leaders share how to effectively advocate on legislation that affects us. How government policy can better support small businesses.

Skills, Mission and Not-for-Profit

Personal leadership development training including mission statements, listening skills, role playing and goal setting, how will this experience change the way you communicate with others?

Health and Wellness

The operations, challenges and opportunities of Huntington’s healthcare industry.

Community Challenge

Explore the complex issues that impact the quality of life in Huntington and on Long Island.  Offer ideas and efforts to be better equipped to take initiative to benefit the community.

Water, Waste and Energy

Understanding sewage infrastructure and how it affects community and economic development or the health of our Sound. Protecting and understanding the threats to our groundwater supply. Local energy delivery.

Development, Housing and Transportation

Where do we grow from here? Smart Growth and the basic principles of planning more walkable, vibrant, healthy communities.

Arts and Culture

Huntington’s vibrant art scene including “Where Broadway Meets Main Street” at the John W. Engeman Theater.

Park, Recreation and Open Spaces

The importance of our parks and open spaces and the purpose they serve in our community.  What kind of public recreational space do we need to meet the needs and wants of today’s population?