Many hands, hearts and minds come together to craft Leadership Huntington.


“I support Leadership Huntington because it provides the skills, knowledge, network and basis for success in business and life in general, and is additionally a great deal of fun. Many of my friends and business associates were met through this great program. If you live or work in Huntington you must seriously consider this fabulous opportunity.”
Barbara Kent, TITLE class of 2004

“It changed my viewpoint of life in Huntington and life as a human being on this planet.”
Helen Crosson, TITLE class of XXXXX

“I actually believe it’s probably been the most significant thing I have been involved with in my entire life.”
Ken Christensen

“It’s given me a lifetime of friendships and a connection to the community that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”
Sara Bluestone

“This organization has made great strides in helping countless individuals to better themselves and their community.  I applaud Leadership Huntington for its dedication to Long Island.
Chuck Schumer, United States Senator

“I am grateful for organizations like Leadership Huntington, whose commitment to local development, coordination and problem solving is valuable in supporting individuals that are influential leaders in the community.”
Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator

“The Leadership Program helped me to define my business goals and objectives, gave me the tools and confidence to attain them….and I did!”
Lawrence Kushnick, Esq., Kushnick and Associates
Class of 1997

“The Leadership Huntington program was an inspiring and educational experience for me. I learned so much about my community, my classmates and myself during this program.  Now as alumni, Leadership Huntington continues to offer me opportunities to be a steward for my community and grow personally and professionally as a leader. I feel fortunate to be part of this wonderful organization.”
Alanna Russo
Class of 2016

“Leadership Huntington is about vision and making dreams happen. There was kindness, hope, friendship and a deeper meaning of community instilled in the participants. Now more than ever I want to be involved and know that I can and will make a difference in the community.”
JoAnn Barrett, Interfaith Minister
Class of 2003

“Leadership Huntington provided for me a new lens through which to view our wonderful community. I completed the program with a fresh understanding of Huntington’s diverse and rich culture as well as the knowledge and skills to work alongside others to affect positive change. I have been enriched through newly acquired friendships, partnerships and leadership skills that will enhance my life both personally and professionally.”
Janet Scherer Assistant Director Of South Huntington Library
Class of 2016

“Leadership Huntington has provided a path to people and experiences that I would have never known otherwise. From a personal, business and community perspective what I have learned has been invaluable. Leadership Huntington is unlike any developmental experience that I have gone through before.”
Mark Palios, Raymond James & Associates
Class of 2001

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in “the best class ever”… 2013! I learned so much about the history of the town, local government interaction, as well as how so many businesses both large and small (for private as well as not-for-profits) have the ability to influence the makeup of a community. The “hands-on” approach shared with fellow classmates from a cross section of backgrounds and experience levels made each class a learning experience not soon forgotten. I think the greatest lesson learned was that of stewardship, becoming involved in the community and relationship building skills that will serve me for years to come. The spirit of the program has apparently influenced me to ensure I remain involved in this as well as other communities across L.I. I realized you cannot wait for others to take action and hope that things will work out. Since leaving the program I have become an active board member in a number of charitable organizations across L.I. I plan to help become part of the solution to making our community a better place for all of us to live.”
Raymond Homburger
Class of 2013

“Leadership Huntington provides a unique insight into the inner workings of the Town…everything from business, local government, land use, schools etc. and how they’re all inter-related. This program is a must for anyone looking to become involved in the community.”
Ed Carr, KeySpan Government Relations
Class of 1997 and Facilitator

“While I have lived in Huntington for over 20 years, the Leadership Program has transformed my understanding and appreciation for my community specifically and about the concept of the community in general. It is a profound experience.”
Barbara Nagel, Esq., Sustainable Long Island
Class of 2001 and Facilitator