Program Benefits

We believe that the best solutions to the complex challenges facing our communities start locally with citizens who understand the issues, their communities, and their own vision and values.

Leadership Huntington fosters this understanding and builds the skills needed for citizens to communicate their unique perspectives and participate in constructive dialogue. It has inspired and effectively connected the current and emerging leaders in our community.

Connecting Your Business

  • Enhances company involvement and participation in community affairs
  • Connects businesses to an expanded network of resources
  • Provides employees and their companies public recognition for community involvement
  • Expand knowledge about how current and emerging leaders can best interrelate with the business, government, educational and not-for-profit sectors to enhance mutual benefit
  • Provide your employees with development opportunities – enhances employees’ promotability!
  • Encourages creative partnerships and initiatives between the public and private sectors

Developing Yourself

  • Meet and work with influential community leaders
  • Improve professional and personal communication skills
  • Enhance leadership and management skills through hands on, interactive experiences
  • Embrace the importance of stewardship as it relates to improving personal, professional and community life
  • Join with a network of leaders that support each other as they contribute to the development of effective solutions to the major issues facing our community

Inspiring Your Community

  • Serves as a catalyst to identify, coordinate and initiate projects with the potential to positively impact the quality of life in Huntington and Long Island
  • Develops a committed, knowledgeable group of people who hold the community in trust and are prepared to accept key positions on community boards and in community activities
  • Fostering positive change by creating opportunities for member-initiated and program-endorsed actions

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