Leadership Huntington is designed to propel individuals to the next level in their service to the community. The program provides a deep dive into the some of the most challenging issues facing our society and allows program members to gain insight into what they can do to make Huntington a better community for everyone. Participants will grow as individuals, develop valuable contacts and interpersonal relationships and prepare themselves for future leadership opportunities.


Participants will:

  • Broaden their leadership skills through hands-on, interactive experiences
  • Expand their knowledge about how current and emerging leaders can best interrelate
    with the business, government, educational and not-for-profit sectors to enhance
    mutual benefit
  • Participate in dialogues with local leaders on current issues
  • Interact with diverse geographic, occupational, ethnic and economic groups
  • Join with a network of leaders that support each other as they contribute to the
    development of effective solutions to the major issues facing our community
  • Embrace the importance of trustee stewardship as it relates to personal, professional
    and community life

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